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Ghana’s Leading Producer of Polythene

INDGHA PACKAGING IND. LTD. is a privately owned, industry leading producer of consumer Polyethene film products and we takes pride in our professional team, high quality products and outstanding customer service. Indgha Packaging was established in 2003, and with our extensive knoweldge and experience in plastic manufacturing, we strive to supply a comprehensive range of plastic film solutions to meet our consumers day to day needs. 

Located in Tema, Ghana our production facility is well equipped with modern machinery to supply a variety of products to our valued and trusted cusomers ranging from micro businesses to large organizations within Ghana as well as outside the country. Indgha sets out to serve the West African Market with REASONABLY PRICED, SUPERIOR QUALITY, AND DURABLE PLASTIC FILM PRODUCTS with top quality service and support to our customers.

With a large range of customers and product requirements, our facility runs at 24/7 capacity. In an effort to eliminate any production bottle necks we constantly look to expand our automation, production and delivery capabilities. Our team excels at production line planning, inventory control and product management in an effort to ensure timely delivery of products and 100% customer satisfaction.

Phone: +233-(0)244-753627 | +233-(0)245-902262

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Heavy Industrial Area PLOT INDGHA 36/1B, Community 9 P.O. Box 16714, Tema, Accra-North, Ghana