INDGHA PACKAGING IND. LTD. is a privately owned, industry leading producer of Consumer Polyethene Film products such as polyethene shopping bags, shrink wrap, trash bags, lamination rolls and many more. Established in 2003, we strive to supply a comprehensive range of plastic film solutions to meet our consumers day to day needs. Through our advanced technical automation and improved production/delivery management systems, Indgha delivers quick turn high quality products and ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Our State of the art production facility is located in Tema, Ghana and boasts the latest in machinery that outputs high quality products for our trusted and valued customers. With a growing demand for polyethene solutions, we continue to invest in our team and assets, and to seek out new domestic and international customers.


From the beginning, our mission has been to create unprecidented value and opportunities for our customers and employees


To position ourselves as the Industry’s Preferred and Most Trusted Producer of Quality Plastic Film Solutions throughout West Africa

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Heavy Industrial Area PLOT INDGHA 36/1B, Community 9 P.O. Box 16714, Tema, Accra-North, Ghana

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